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We manufacture sheet metal products from steel, stainless steel and aluminium, ranging from components and parts right through to finished assemblies.

We offer:

  • A laser cutting service of sheet metal parts
  • CNC press-brake work, bending sheet metal
  • Radan 3D software, allowing precise electronic transfer from client drawings to finished products
  • Computer Numerical Control (CNC) systems usage across our entire site, with 3D visual aids for all points of production
  • Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding
  • Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding
  • Aluminium welding
  • Automated powder coating
  • Product assembly
  • A complete sheet metal fabrication service
  • Plus a comprehensive range of sub-contact, machining, surface finishing and design for laser services

Laser Technology

CNC Pressing


Powder Coating & Assembly


Let us tell you our story

  1. In June 2000 the company opened its doors for the very first time. We took possession of our first 4,000 sq ft industrial unit on the Pyramid Estate Showfield Lane in Malton. Amada UK delivered our first laser and press machinery and we opened for business.

    One of our first major projects was to laser cut and form 23 eight metre tall stainless steel letter ‘M’ sculptures in partnership with a Harrogate stainless steel fabrication specialist. The project used nearly 100 tonnes of stainless steel and the structures were a major feature in the city of Manchester. The final customer was ClearChannel, the billboard company. Each letter ‘M’ supported large format electronic advertising billboards.

  2. By now the company had grown into four industrial units on the Showfield Estate. We also introduced our fabrication service.

    We were now working with company supply chains like Portakabin, Unipart rail, The R&R Group and Legrand.

    Investing in our second laser and additional press brakes, we also invested in automating both of our lasers.

    In 2004, we celebrated our successes with a hog roast party, inviting all of our customers, suppliers, employees, company friends and all of their families to join us! It was a memorable event. This event was repeated again in 2007.

  3. Between 2006 to 2008 we experienced substantial growth periods. A fifth industrial unit was added and the company invested heavily again in industry-leading laser machinery, all fully automated.

    At this time our largest contracts were telecoms enclosures, bus and coach components and access fabrications. Our sales were now eight-fold of our 2001 sales.

    Fresh Metal through these years had employed 10 apprentices, two had been awarded the accolade of ’Apprentice of the Year’ at the local college. At one point seven apprentices were serving at the same time and we reached the finals of the 2007 North of England business awards. At the same time the company reached the finals of the Yorkshire Evening Press Business Awards in two categories.

  4. Following the recessionary period of 08-09 in which sales reduced to 50% of former highs, Fresh Metal began its journey again to new successes.

  5. 2014 saw the greatest life changers in our industry. Fibre laser technology had arrived. Fresh Metal invested in this new technology early, taking delivery of a Bystronic 4KW automated fibre Laser machine. Within two years a 6KW machine was purchased, such was the success of this evolving technology.

    To enhance our offering to customers a 5000 sq ft automated powder coating plant was installed. This meant we could now laser-cut, CNC-form, fabricate, finish and assemble our customers’ products.

  6. Today the company employs 30 people; we run two fibre laser systems, both fully automated with one minute changeover sheet handling. We utilise three modern press brakes.

    We work from seven industrial units and have just ordered our first robotic welding cell. We are experiencing further growth and will invest again very shortly. We have constantly maintained our investors in people and ISO accreditation.

    A recent privilege was to be referred by our bankers, HSBC, to the Goldman Sachs leaders programme for business growth. Exciting times ahead!

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